Acu Reviews

All services are performed with care and respect to you. I use sterile, disposable needles for each and every session. Here are some brief descriptions of services I provide, followed by reviews from patients in Connecticut and New York City.  Thanks!!


My goal is to use acupuncture to stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms so you feel and look great. Acupuncture can help you find mental, emotional and physical harmony. An ancient medical system using sterile hair thin needles, acupuncture is toxin free and virtually pain free. It leaves you feeling less stressed, more rejuvenated, and can help a myriad of symptoms.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs contain vitamins, trace minerals and other natural substances that are found from natural resources. Goji berries, ginger, peony bark, and ginseng are some of the ingredients you might find in a formula prescribed to you. Chinese herbal medicine can give you an extra boost from naturally help fight a cold to balancing your hormones during menopause without side effects.

Tui-Na – Chinese Medical Massage

Chinese medical massage (Tui Na) has relieved people’s aches and pains for thousands of years. Practitioners have refined Tui Na techniques via a combination of pressure and stretching to combat muscle tightness and fatigue. Often included in each treatment, Tui Na is an essential part of healing many orthopedic injuries. I also use it to help common problems such as neck and lower back pain.


During a Reiki session, I use positive energy to help you feel warm, light and relaxed. Reiki is great for people sensitive to energy, or for those who feel burdened from negative energy. Kids especially like and respond well to Reiki. Reiki is pain-free, reduces anxiety and promotes healing.

Qi Gong

The literal meaning of Qi Gong is “energy work”. This ancient exercise is designed to help you strengthen your organs and release toxic energy from your body. In China, Qi Gong is used to help cure the most serious of diseases, even cancer. I use Qi Gong exercises to help with muscle tightness and sports injuries, as well as organ deficiencies, such as asthma and hypothyroidism.

Facial Rejuvenation

What woman doesn’t want to look a bit fresher or reduce some of those annoying deep lines? Help your face glow and experience the light feeling after an acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatment. Further enjoy a jade stone massage, which helps roll away fine wrinkles while soothing red irritated skin. Look years younger with this natural and rejuvenating treatment.

Healthy Living

Healthy living can be a balancing act. According to ancient Taoists, the pillars of health included such aspects of life as love and sex, revitalizing exercises, a balanced diet, herbal medicine, and natural healing arts like acupuncture and massage. From diet to Feng Shui, keep your mind open to what thousands of years of ancient wisdom has to teach us about a healthy lifestyle.

Reviews From Patients

 Simone is awesome! I had terrible knee pain last summer that my orthopedic doctor was unable to heal. After two sessions with Simone my pain was completely gone and I have not had any issues since. Yesterday, my husband was in excruciating back pain and I suggested that he goes to see Simone. She was so nice to accommodated him into her schedule and now his pain has improved tremendously! (just in time for us to go shovel all this snow). THANKS SIMONE! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to try acupuncture. – Elizabeth S

Simone is an excellent. I went to her for infertility issues after I had tried everything else and she helped me greatly. I have three children now. Also recommended her to friends with same issues and they all got pregnant as well. – Meline T

After a 2 yr absence I have returned to the capable hands of Simone. Following her suggestions I found I had more energy. I am handicapped with arthiaritous.  When the energy flows thru my limbs, I have an immediate result. – Sally F

Simone is simple amazing! I have been seeing Simone for 5 years for acupuncture, cupping and various Chinese herbal treatments to prevent and manage migraine headaches and neck/back tension and to improve my overall health and wellbeing. I was introduced to her by my doctor who had already tried most Western medicines to treat my migraines.  Because of her care I have been able to dramatically cut back on my prescription medicines for migraine and have noticed a decrease in the frequency and intensity of my migraines.  Simone often squeezes me in upon a moment’s notice if I’m in the midst of a migraine and her treatments often make the migraine go away even when medicine has failed. Beyond treating my physical pain, she strives to understand the root cause of my stress and treats the underlying causes as well as the physical manifestations.  Her treatments are performed in a beautiful, clean and relaxing environment.  She’s incredibly knowledgeable, gentle and friendly.  I highly recommend her!! – Genna G

I am currently seeing Simone to address muscle tension/back pain and to combat the general effects of stress. She is highly knowledgeable on various paths for reaching overall wellness, including nutrition and Chinese herbal medicine. This is my first experience with acupuncture and it has been greatly beneficial and such a relaxing process. Simone is wonderful – very professional and extremely pleasant. I am going to continue to see her on a regular basis. I highly recommend Simone :) – Sarah

Simone is a phenomenal acupuncturist that I’ve been a patient of for the past 5-6 years.  She provides the perfect Eastern treatment to support the heftier Western medication and processes that my body did and is also currently going through.  Her acupuncture and knowledge has significantly helped with irregular menstruation, uncomfortable stomach issues, overall anxiety/stress and appropriately supporting my bodies energy throughout a serious cancer surgery and radiation process.  Overall health wise, her treatments and guidance have been highly successful to my body.  I would not go to or recommend anyone else but her. Ana G

Wonderful – Simone has been treating me for the past two years and I have been very happy with not only the treatment but the results. Her comforting nature instantly relaxes me when I see her.   Simone is very knowledgeable about both acupuncture as well as herbs. She spends a considerable amount of time with her patients and has a genuine interest in their well being. Simone is my first stop when I am not feeling all that well or just need a pick me up. She has treated backaches, headaches, colds, anxiety and fertility (after two treatments I became pregnant).   I took me a long time to find a practitioner I was comfortable with, and I am very happy that I have now found Simone. -Tetta 74 (

FABULOUS! – simone is awesome!! I was plagued by several years of chronic infections and had visited an incredible number of doctors and specialists who were unable to give me any answers or cures other than round after round of antibiotics. finally, I decided to see if alternative medicine could help. simone worked with me through acupuncture and adjustments to my diet and I cannot even tell you the difference – it is amazing! I feel like a completely new person and I haven’t gotten sick in many months. thank you simone! – yeedachicklet (

Finding the right practioner is ideal – I get acupuncture and herbal meds from Simone Wan for chronic pain.  Finding the right practitioner is ideal, things just really clicked with her from the beginning. She has a real kind face and a heart to match. She really cares.  Her acupuncture is divine, you get so relaxed. She has helped me a great deal; I have more energy and I feel so much better. I feel very fortunate to have met her. – kata101 (

Best in class – I’ve been playing competitive sports my whole life and its taken a toll on various parts of my body. I have tried lots of different treatments, and different acupuncturists as well, and I must say that Chi Remedy – specifically Simone Wan – has done a magnificent job allowing my body to heal itself and keep me physically healthy to be able to continue to compete in sports at a high level. I’m not sure where I’d be without it.  If you have never been exposed to acupuncture I recommend you try it, for a variety of ailments or even for just general health maintenenace. Chi Remedy is a great place to start as Simone is very experienced and provides a very relaxed atmosphere for treatment. – juanvaldez24 (

Kind, compassionate… the best in her class. Strongly recommend. – When I was diagnosed with infertility as a result of athletic amenorrhea (no period due to heavy exercise, competitive running) I was initially in denial. I was convinced I could fix the problem myself in time by cutting back on my mileage, increasing the amount of healthy fats in my diet and being patient. 22 months later, and at my wits end – I decided to try acupuncture. Nothing I had tried until that point has worked; I was getting desperate and no younger. The infertility specialist told me my only option was fertility meds and IVF.  Simone is, as anyone who meets her will attest, the illustration of calm, kindness, empathy and support. All this is wrapped within her vast knowledge and expertise in her field… which you almost forget is the reason you’re visiting, so relaxed you are in her care. Terrified of needles, I was more than a little dubious. As a practical type-A, I was also not an easy one to convince. But Simone changed that.   I am – just a year after having met Simone, the mother to a 10 week old little girl. Had it not been for our sessions, no doubt I’d still be the frustrated and discouraged person I was just over a year ago. Also – at 34 weeks – upon discovering my baby was breech a single visit turned her around and at my 36 week ultrasound, my little girl was ready and head down. This time I wasn’t as surprised! What did amaze me though was once I was due we had a session to ‘move things along’…and the next morning I delivered at 9:28am. Suffice it to say I’m a believer and am currently struggling to find another ailment so I can return, if nothing more than for the wonderful hug I receive following a treatment. Thank you Simone – you gave me my family. – clem1028 (

Simone Wan was recomended to me by a friend. It had been 2 1/2 years that my husband and I had been trying to conceive. I was diagnosed by infertility specialists with “unexplained infertility”. The last specialist we were seeing was excellent but nothing was happening. We tried IUI a few times and then IVF with no positive results. After my IVF cycle, besides being emotionally drained I also felt the same physically. Although, I felt that my clock was ticking I spoke to my Doctor and decided to take a few months off of Westen Medicine and go see Simone. She was very helpful and not pushy. She gave me information and left it up to me as to how I wanted to proceed. I liked her right away. She was very warm and understanding. I truely felt as if she cared and I wasen’t just another patient of hers. Everything she did was very personal and geared towards my needs.She told me ways to change my lifestyle to help my situation, what to eat and what kind of activities to do and stay away from.  After a few months I felt very relaxed and not obsessing over my not being able to conceive. I decided to return to my Specialits with Simone’s blessing to get his opinion on how to proceed. We, along with Simone decided to try one month with no Western Meds, no more herbal teas, just acupuncture with Simone and a close watch by my infertility specialist. My Doctor was very interested and eager to see if the accupuncture and herbs had made any impact on my body.  I remember my last appointment with Simone just before I ovulated. She hugged me and said good luck. Well, 10 days later I went in for a test and I was speachless, my doctor had good news.  I truely feel that one of the biggest reasons I sit here with a life growing inside of me is because of the great care I received from Simone. The nurse at my Doctor’s office called me after my test results and wanted to get Simone’s information their patients. She made a believer out of me. –Lina

Great for sciatica! – I have had sciatica for a few months where the pain radiated down my leg. I tried a few acupuncturists but didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. I didn’t want surgery and finally found Simone from Citysearch. She was great. She gave me acupuncture, cupping, some massage, and my sciatica is almost all gone. She has great credentials and is very kind. I would highly recommend her.  -penny_willis8 (

Helped me get Pregnant! – I went to Simone to help me with health anxiety, allergies and to regulate my cycles following a miscarriage and several unsuccessful attempts at conceiving. She has such a great presence, she put me at ease right away. She’s very caring, honest, and down to earth. She has a magic touch because on my FIRST cycle with her I conceived and am expecting in May. Not to mention all the help she has given me with the anxiety. So if you are having any ferility issues try her first!! – clairemc (

Fertility Treatment – I would highly recommend Simone Moran to anyone who is facing the infertility battle. My husband and I had trouble conceiving for almost 3 years. Basically, after 6 failed IUI’s and a successful laparoscopy procedure, we still had no luck. So, before going the IVF/Fertility medication route, I decided to try acupuncture. My fertility doctor had recommended that I give the acupuncture a shot and he recommended Simone in particular. I trusted his judgment, so in January of 06, I visited Simone for a consultation. I felt very comfortable with her, right from the first few minutes we met. She is a very warm, caring person, and was very honest and realistic with me from the beginning. She could immediately tell that the past few years had taken a toll on my physically and emotionally; therefore, she wanted to not only help me conceive, but to also feel better overall. I do have family members that have taken herbal teas and gone through acupuncture treatments for various reasons and they all had great success with it. So, I figured it was worth a shot and would have far less potential side effects than high doses of fertility medications would have.  I began the acupuncture treatments along with herbal teas twice a day. I noticed a huge difference in my cycle right away and in my overall energy level and heightened sense of calmness. I felt so much better within just a couple of weeks. Within just two cycles of this combination, my husband and I conceived. We are now expecting a baby boy on Christmas Eve and couldn’t be more thrilled. Because of my wonderful experience under Simone’s care, I would highly recommend her to anyone facing this battle-Christin C

Pregnancy with acupuncture – I highly recommend Simone Wan to anyone who is having difficulty conceiving. I had trouble conceiving and went through the traditional route of fertility experts, testing, and finally IVF. I ended up with a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” and the IVF ended up in an ectopic pregnancy. I was devastated.  I decided to try accupuncture. I knew next to nothing about it, but I felt as though Western medicine had failed me miserably, so I was willing to try a different approach. I was extremely lucky to find Simone. I came across her name from a recommendation made by another one of her patients, and I hope that my testimony may help someone else.  Simone is a great practicioner. Aside from having solid credentials, she is kind and caring and really listens to her patients. She is also realistic and will not give you false hopes. You cannot ask for a better approach from a caregiver. I appreciated her warm “bedside manner” so much after being treated like a lab animal by all the fertility doctors I had seen. In addition to the accupuncture, Simone perscribed herbal teas to help with my specific problems, and also made lifestyle and dietary recommendations for me. In a little over three months of accupuncture and following the regimen Simone perscribed for me, I became pregnant and I’m due in 8 weeks. Words cannot express my happiness or my gratitude to Simone. I strongly recommend anyone who is having difficulty conceiving go and see her. – dinak2

Throat treatment – I had been to two doctors (Ear, Nose, Throat specialist) with an annoying lump in my throat. I was given tests that revealed I had Acid Reflux and was given medicine that would alleviate the pain within a week. After two weeks the pain worsened so I decided to get a treatment from Simone. I had an acupuncture treatment and Simone gave me Chinese herbal medicine to take. Within two days the lump and pain had gone completely. This is the second time Simone has healed me, the first being torn ligaments in my ankle from a soccer injury. Acupuncture is a great alternative medicine and Simones care and expertise continues to achieve great results for me. – paulnewman

Who needs a cosmetic surgery – I was looking for an alternative to cosmetic surgery and started researching acupucture for getting rid of the lines around my eyes and mouth. After talking to different people and searching the web, I found Simone. Her approach was straightforward and direct, she understood what I wanted, and my face looked so much younger. My girlfriends all wanted to know if I lost weight or had done any “touch ups”. After 6 sessions, I was amazed at the results. Girls, this is really worth it. Thanks Simone. – brosen125 (

Babies as well! – My 6 month old baby was suffering from congestion for 3 weeks, as a lasting result of her first cold. After 3 weeks of no sleep for eiother of us, I took her to see Simone, who performed rounds of accupunture and massage on her (gently!). That very night my daughter slept through the night for the first time in weeks, and by day 3 she was completely clear of phlem – a result for us both! – mburge (

A miracle worker! – I’ve been suffering from lower back problems for decades. Typically, when my back goes out, I’m out of commission and in pain for a week before the pain slowly subsides. When last afflicted with this problem, Simone was able to alleviate the pain with one treatment and had me back on my feet, PAIN FREE, the next day! Her gentle touch, words of reassurance and relaxing manner made for a wonderful experience. – seltz

Made labor an easy experience! – Simone has incredible knowledge of the human body. I was recently pregnant and was overdue. I did not want the doctor to induce labor with medication. Simone treated me and after 2 sessions, I went into labor and had an amazingly easy and smooth experience. I felt so comfortable under her care. She definitely has tremendous skill and genuine care for her patients. – maxzane

Simone is a healer – There are a few occasions in life where you know you are experiencing something wonderful and unique. Simone’s treatment provides me with a remarkable relief from stress and anxiety. She has also provided relief from chonic foot pain. She is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive. – smax124 (

Professional, friendly and extremely helpful! – Simone Moran and Chi Remedy have greatly alleviated chronic problems with sleeplessness and restless leg syndrome that have troubled me for more than a decade. No other medical resource has been much help–including other accupuncturists.  Even more impressive was how beneficial Ms. Moran’s care was after I broke several ribs earlier this year. My doctor was able to provide nothing more than pain pills to assist my recovery, while Simone developed a carefully considered regimen of accupuncture and herbal applications that delivered tremendous, immediate and permanent improvements to my flexibility and vitality, and greatly hastened the reduction of the extensive bruising and swelling in and around my injury.  I really cannot say enough about Ms. Moran’s dedication and skill as a healer. She is one of a kind! – wshaw (

Run don’t walk…to Chi Remedy – Simone is a gifted practitioner who helped me with all kinds of ailments at various times…back pain, knee pain, allergies, reflux. Acupuncture is a lifesaver and Simone is terrific, very sensitive and intuitive. She will most definitely help address both chronic and episodic types of health issues and I highly recommend her treatments. – catbillon (

So Effective / So Relaxing – I’ve had this dull foot pain for 2 months below my big toe. I went to my primary care dr and a foot dr who both thought they knew what the problem was. After x-rays on my foot, they changed their diagnosis saying I had nothing wrong with me. The foot dr’s recommendation – get a cortizone shot. I didn’t want the shot so my friend recommended Simone as an alternative. What a difference. My foot pain was gone after one visit. I’ve been back several times for stress and back pain and she’s keeping me feeling great. She’s very knowledgeable, so friendly, and effective. I always had this belief that it would hurt but it doesn’t. I find it so relaxing. I can’t recommend her enough. Thanks, Simone. – mjny777 (

Simone is Sensational! – I have been afflicted with several ailments for years – ranging from lower back pain to constipation to acne. After having tried everything with conventional western medicines I finally turned to acupuncture on the recommendation of an old friend. Wow! My only regret is that I did not meet the lovely Simone Wan sooner. She is a warm, calming presence with a gentle but assured touch. The first session gave me immediate relief but I wanted to follow up with a couple more treatments to compound the benefits. For the first time in ages I am pain free and my acne has finally cleared up – my whole energy level is up – I feel great! I am now a huge fan – thank you so much Simone – I hope your wonderful talent for healing will help many more people the way it has me. – paddyank (